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Saturday (October 21) was our first collaboration with LA Housing and Wendy from LA Housing Substance Abuse Outreach and her crew picked up 20 Burritos to deliver to their unhoused clients.  We have regrouped and now deliver 25 burritos to the streets in 3 various locations on Saturday. And 20 burritos will be picked up Saturday mornings to be delivered by Wendy Cordera with LA Family Housing Substance Abuse Outreach to the unhoused. On Mondays, we will take over 25 burritos to Central and serve them hot to the unhoused who come to shower at Hope the Mission next door. They have had a recent uptick of clients and get between 25-50 clients Monday mornings. We will also be serving cold drinks, water, coffee, wipes and other supplies. And once a month we will continue to deliver 50 burritos to NoHo.